Data Centre Cleaning

SSH understands the importance of regular professional data centre cleaning. Our dedicated specialist cleaning team are trained to the highest standards, ensuring your data centre is kept running as it should.

SSH Data Centre Cleaning 5

We eliminate contamination by combining two methods:

  • Triple filtration vacuuming (HEPA triple filtered vacuums with a filtration efficiency of 99.97%)
  • Cleaning with anti-static, lint free products (ISO Class 4 clean room standard)

Regularly scheduled cleaning:

  • Maximises IT facility performance
  • Reduces electricity cost
  • Increases cooling system efficiency
  • Reduces event risks

Our specialist cleaning operatives carry out work to the following areas:

  • Exterior of cabinets, equipment, and workstations
  • Interior of server cabinets
  • Ceiling and overhead cable trays
  • Raised Floor Top Surface
  • Floor Renew/Scrub
  • Sub-floor Surface
  • Anti-Static Floor Finishing (non-raised floor)

If you are interested in our data centre cleaning service, please call us on 02392 839114 or email to book a free site visit/quotation.

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