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Hard floor & Carpet Deep Cleaning

SSH carry out all types of hard floor and carpet deep cleaning.

Hard Floors

Correct floor cleaning is a specialist job. SSH have a wide range of modern equipment & chemicals to clean and restore any type of floor. Regular cleaning will also help prolong the life of your flooring.


There are many benefits from deep carpet cleaning. Ensuring that a carpet is kept clean will not only make the room look cleaner and tidier but will also eliminate dirt, stains, pests and odours. Keeping a carpet dust free will also generate a healthier environment and cleaner air, especially for people with asthma and eczema. Regular carpet cleaning will also protect and maintain the life of the carpet meaning that they do not have to be replaced as often which in turn creates a saving.


Normal floor cleaning polished floors isn’t always enough to maintain its appearance. SSH can combat dirt and grime build up by ensuring that the stripping agent is compatible with your floor covering and that all old polish is removed.


Whether you require a high gloss or satin finish, SSH provide a tailored finish to suit your requirements.


SSH offer a burnishing service which is guaranteed to bring back the shin to the dullest of floor coverings.


Busy kitchen floors are particularly susceptible to grease build up. SSH can eradicate this problem with one off deep cleans or regular cleans using our specialist cleaning products.

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum is a renowned problem and very unsightly. Using tried and tested techniques, SSH can remove this problem whether it’s on exterior pathways, walkways or on interior hard floors and carpets.

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