SSH Cleaning

Catering & Kitchen Deep Cleaning

SSH are Catering & Kitchen Deep Cleaning specialists.


SSH carry out specialist deep cleaning to commercial kitchens, serveries, dining rooms and all associated equipment. We provide a quality service customised to your working schedule and requirements. Adopting a regular deep cleaning program will reduce the risk of contamination and greatly improve the kitchens overall hygiene.

Our specialist cleaning teams are fully trained to help clients such as restaurants, hospitals and takeaways achieve a Food Hygiene Rating of 5.

To find out the rating of a kitchen please visit:

Throughout the duration of the clean, SSH will provide the client with daily inspection/signature sheets in order for your comments and signature to be recorded. As part of our quality control, we issue a Kitchen Deep Clean Certificate for your records once the work has been completed.

Catering Equipment

We can either deep clean single items or all of the kitchen’s appliances. Where possible appliances are dismantled, deep cleaned, re-assembled and them tested prior to kitchen staff usage.

As with all our services, we work to your specific needs and will tailor a cleaning regime accordingly.

Structure & High Level Cleaning

SSH can eradicate food splashes, spills, grease build up and general kitchen grime from the whole kitchen structure. SSH use health & safety compliant access equipment to enable us to reach the areas your general cleaning staff can’t get to.


Kitchen Extraction Ductwork Cleaning

Hidden behind filters and canopy hoods are the extraction fan and ductwork. They work tirelessly to remove the unwanted fumes from your kitchen. But unlike the hood and filters which will be regularly cleaned, the fan and ductwork are unseen, gradually building up a coating of grease, oil, food debris and bacteria. A fan that is cleaned regularly will use less energy and need replacing less frequently.

All catering facilities from restaurants to hotels can benefit from our tailor made duct cleaning service at regular intervals, to suit your daily usage.

Filter Laundry Service

SSH clean all types of filters and will replace old for new if needed. As standard we also supply a spare set if required. Our filter laundry service is a continuous cycle, replacing used filters with cleans carried out once a month.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 covers virtually all premises and nearly every type of building.

Prevention of fire in kitchen extraction ductwork is a major factor in any kitchen fire risk assessment. Any person who has control of the whole, or part, of the premises (the responsible person) must take reasonable steps to reduce fire risk through a fire safety risk assessment, the identification of hazards, identifying people at risk, evaluation of the risk of a fire starting, removal or reduction of fire hazards and most importantly, protecting people from risk.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are fully certified to carry out specialist cleaning works in accordance with BESA TR/19 guidelines.

If you are interested in our kitchen deep cleaning service, please call us on 02392 839114 or email to book a free site visit/quotation.