Needle, Syringe, Sharps Sweep

SSH Specialist Cleaning provide a comprehensive needle sweep, syringe & sharps disposal service.

We sweep buildings due for demolition, car parks, play areas, schools, offices, private grounds and public spaces. In fact, anywhere where there is a potential needle hazard.

This can be a one off sweep or a regular inspection and clearance visit.

Sharps such as needles, syringes, and blades are often found in bins, toilets and public areas as well as abandoned houses and squats that are used by illegal drug users.

A full site inspection and risk assessment is always performed before removal of any needles, syringes, and associated paraphernalia.

SSH Cleaning Needle Sweep Sharps Needle Sweep, Syringe & Sharps Disposal

Following needle removal, we fully sanitise the infected areas from all blood borne diseases including Hepatitis B and HIV.

We will provide you with a comprehensive report and photographic evidence to assist with prevention of further occurrence.

Claims for needle stick injuries cost companies and councils many thousands of pounds and cause life changing health problems for those affected.

SSH Specialist Cleaning are available 24 hours a day with the disposing and site decontamination carried out in full accordance with the Health & Safety regulations and COSHH procedures.

Areas We Cover

SSH have Sharps removal teams across the UK, covering all major cities including London, Portsmouth, Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Bristol, Newcastle, Sunderland, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Glasgow, Belfast.

Call SSH now on 02392 839114 or email to provide your employees, visitors and the general public with peace of mind and protection. Alternatively, fill in the contact form here and we will get back to you.

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