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Other Cleaning Services

We carry out a number of other cleaning services.


In addition to our mainstream cleaning services, we provide a wide range of additional cleaning services, which have proved extremely popular with both large corporates and smaller businesses.

Litter Picking: We provide a litter picking service suited to any sized site. Whether that be during or after an event or simply as a means of having a general clean up, SSH are the best in the business.

Graffiti Removal: Graffiti is a constant nuisance to many councils, authorities and to the general public. SSH have the most up-to-date equipment and chemicals to completely eradicate all types of graffiti, however large or small.

Patio Cleaning: Using our specialist equipment, we can completely transform the look of a patio, removing moss, weeds and dirt.

High Level Cleaning: SSH offer a safe and effective High Level Cleaning service and are able to get into the high level areas that most maintenance staff and domestic cleaners can’t reach. All SSH employees carry IPAF & PASMA Certification, and where needed Rope Access can be provided.

High Pressure Cleaning: Some cleaning requires high pressure washing, either due to the complexity of dirty or due to the surface that needs cleaning. SSH have the most up-to-date methods and equipment to clean all types of surfaces where a high pressure system is required.

De-Scaling: SSH are qualified to use the chemicals needed to de-scale all surfaces where limescale is a problem. Surfaces include sinks, toilets, showers etc.

Swimming Pool Cleaning: Cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool is a routine requirement. SSH offer a scheduled cleaning and maintenance service a deep clean service for pools, changing rooms and surrounding areas.

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