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Pest Control

SSH have a specialist Pest Control team with over 30 years of experience.


Our pest control team is on hand to help with vermin such as rats and mice, and pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs, clothes moths and nuisance birds.

No matter what pest problem you may be suffering from, all can pose potential dangers to health and the structural integrity of your property. Not only this, but your business could suffer a blow in reputation, which is why we ensure we carry out appropriate pest reduction measures quickly and efficiently.

With our services come tailored treatment plans that take into account your specifications and the details of your pest problem; these are made through contractual agreements to ensure pest removal and pest management are performed at optimal levels.

As for our team of experts, they are both qualified and experienced in the field of common and acute pest problems.

Our pest control technicians also maintain a professional, positive and friendly manner to ensure your business feels right at home with us as a company.

SSH Pest Control

Pigeon and Bird Guano

Pigeon and bird guano is one of the most common complaints that councils, authorities, estates departments receive from staff and the public.

SSH Bird Guano Cleaning

Guano, especially dry, is extremely hazardous to health and is something the public should never be subjected to. When dry, the excrement organisms travel through the air which, when inhaled, can result in pulmonary infection/disease.

Apart from the obvious health hazards, pigeon guano can cause destructive damage to buildings and structures due to high acid content. SSH employees are highly trained in both safe disposal of guano and the post disinfection process.

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